Friday, October 14, 2005

Let Us Prey (on Youth in Seattle)

Janet I. Tu of the Seattle Times reports about Exodus' Groundswell ministry which seeks to target, recruit and convert youth to the "ex-gay" lifestyle.
An "ex-gay" Christian ministry is coming to Seattle later this month with a new agenda — to reach gay teens.

Exodus International, an evangelical organization that claims to turn people away from homosexuality and toward heterosexuality, has a new initiative called Groundswell, which aims to help youth pastors and others who work with gay teens to convey the belief that homosexuality is sinful, though God still loves people who struggle with it.

Groundswell also hopes to get into public schools its message that gays have a choice and are not compelled to live as homosexuals.
Read the entire article here

According to an October 3, 2005 Exodus press release,
This youth initiative offers resources and support to the young people who request it, information for their friends and family and training for youth workers. New developments to reach the youth audience this year include the Groundswell conference, a one-day event designed to teach youth workers, parents and students how to minister to gay-identified youth or youth struggling with unwanted same-gender attractions. The conferences will take place in major cities across America starting this fall.


At 3:46 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I know I use the expression "ex gay lifestyle" on occasion but is that something we really want to be saying considering how gay people object to a "homosexual lifestyle."

At 5:44 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Daniel, I'm using "ex-gay" lifestyle as part of my never ending quest for satire (and to play with the terms so that we question them).

At 10:03 PM , Blogger Dan said...

okee dokie carry on then :P

At 9:16 AM , Blogger Willie Hewes said...

"The conferences teach adults how to respond — "not with shock or horror. But not with telling them to experiment, either, [instead] speaking with those kids very kindly and compassionately about what the Bible says about homosexuality," said Davis."

We still love you Johnny, and we know it's not your fault. You didn't ask for this, we understand that. But the bible does say you're an abomination, so we're going to get you some therapy, OK?

Re: the ex-gay lifestyle... I think the satire is entirely justified. I've been thinking a lot about what the gay lifestyle is actually supposed to be. I'm still not sure. The gay people I know all have wildly different lifestyles.

The ex-gay lifestyle is much more definable, I'd say. From what I've seen, it seems to involve a lot of praying, careful avoidance of any possible temptation, with, as a result of that, a degree of loneliness and isolation and probably involvement in a church or ministry of some kind (this can alleviate any loneliness or isolation). OK, so I don't know that many ex-gay people, but that does describe all of the ones I know of.

The Free Z comic book is ready for print, but the printer's shut because they have a backlog the size of Galactus. :/


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